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Chevy Silverado ABS EBCM diagram

00 Chevy Silverado... ABS EBCM diagram help?

 Brake line hookups
00 Chevy Silverado... ABS EBCM i had to replace some brake lines and i am unsure if i reconnected them back to there proper spot on the Unit i have 5 lines ... 2 from Master cylindar 1 driver front 1 passenger front and 1 rear brake line where do they go.? Can't seam to find a diagram on where they go..

This is the ABS EHCU layout:

C = Capped

_5_ Front Master Cyl.Brake Line (which controls the rear brakes)
_4_ Rear Master Cyl. Brake Line (which controls the front brakes)
_1_ Front Drivers Brake Line
_2_ Front Pass. Brake Line
_3_ Rear Brake Line


Looking from vehicle front to rear, here is the layout:
There are three connections along the top. From left to right, the connections are Front Left Wheel, Front Right Wheel, and the Connector near Left Rear Wheel that serves both rear wheels. The bottom two connections go to the Master Cylinder. The Left Connection goes to the rear Master Cylinder Connection and the Right Connection goes to the front Master Cylinder Connection.
Remember that the end flare connections to the vehicle must be double flares.

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