Wednesday, 15 April 2015

How to Replace an Exhaust System

Automotive Exhaust System Replacement

Exhaust Gasket
Exhaust Pipe

Floor Jack

This guide requires the following supplies:
  • Penetrating Oil

Safety Tip:
Always wear safety glasses when working on your vehicle. Wear other personal protective equipment (PPE) when necessary, for example latex gloves or closed toe shoes.

Secure the vehicle on a level surface making sure the vehicle will not roll or lean when jacked up.
Using a jack, lift up the vehicle. Every vehicle comes from the factory with a jack. To locate and properly use this jack see the owner's manual. The owner's manual will inform you what proper jacking locations should be used.
6840Photo may not be specific to your vehicle
Secure the vehicle with jack stands on both sides for safety before starting any work. The pinch welds or the frame rails are the two best locations to use. Do not rely on the jack to hold the vehicle up while working.
Inspect the entire exhaust system for damage. If your system has multiple sections that are rusted, cracked, or causing exhaust leaks, it is recommended that you install a new exhaust system into your vehicle.
Use a floor jack to support the exhaust system.
Starting from the rear of the vehicle, remove the components that need to be replaced.
5931Photo may not be specific to your vehicle
If your vehicle is equipped with oxygen sensors, they will need to be removed. Cover the tips of the oxygen sensors or disconnect them and set aside so that they do not become contaminated.
5929Photo may not be specific to your vehicle
Disconnect the exhaust components from the exhaust hangers and remove each component from the vehicle. Discard the old exhaust gaskets and install new gaskets during installation.
5925Photo may not be specific to your vehicle
Install the new exhaust system components in reverse order and follow your manufacturer's torque specifications.
Lower the vehicle to the ground and road test the vehicle to verify the repair.

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