Wednesday, 15 April 2015

How to Replace a Fan Shroud Assembly

Fan Shroud Assembly Replacement

Safety Tip:
Always wear safety glasses when working on your vehicle. Wear other personal protective equipment (PPE) when necessary, for example latex gloves or closed toe shoes.

With the engine off and cold, open the hood and locate the fan shroud assembly bolted to the radiator.
6173Photo may not be specific to your vehicle
Inspect the fan shroud assembly for cracks, damage, or missing sections.
Remove the fan shroud assembly mounting bolts to the radiator. Disconnect the wiring harness.
Remove the fan shroud assembly from the engine compartment.
Install a new fan shroud assembly in the engine compartment.
Tighten the shroud assembly to radiator mounting bolts. Reconnect the wiring harness.
Start the vehicle and idle until warm. Verify that the cooling fans operate.

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