Wednesday, 15 April 2015

How to Adjust and Lubricate a Clutch Linkage

Clutch Linkage Adjustment

Safety Tip:
Always wear safety glasses when working on your vehicle. Wear other personal protective equipment (PPE) when necessary, for example latex gloves or closed toe shoes.

Road test the vehicle.
Locate the clutch pedal.
Check the clutch pedal for free play. Free play is the amount of pedal travel before you feel resistance.
Check clutch function while shifting gears. The transmission should shift smoothly. Listen and feel for any vibrations and noises.
Lubricate the clutch pedal linkage with white lithium grease as necessary.
The free-play is adjusted by means of a threaded rod which rides in the outer end of the clutch linkage at the transmission. This can also be a threaded rod attached to a cable.
To adjust the free-play, remove the clutch pedal return spring and loosen the threaded rod.
Adjust the rod so there is zero free-play at the transmission.
Check the clutch pedal for free-play. There should be no more than 1 inch of free-play before resistance is encountered.
Tighten the rod locknut and install the clutch return spring.

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