Monday, 13 April 2015

Engine No Start

Engine won't start. Dash lights flash rapidly when key turned.

Drove home from work like normal. Parked in garage. About an hour later went to start car. Wouldn't turn over, dash lights went dark. Turned ignition off and on, dash lights then flashed rapidly. Engine will not even turn over.
Tried disconnecting battery from car several times. Checked battery voltage (just hair under 12 volts, which is more than enough to start). Something is preventing the car from starting...and voltage seems to die off for car electronics with use (cannot turn headlights on, even with key). Strangely enough, battery has voltage.

The battery says 12 volts but may be dropping to 4 or 5 under a load...i would suggest jumpstarting the car and see what happens.the battery should read in the high 12 volts and not less than 9.5 under cranking. the dash lights go out on your car when starting,and the alarm will go off ,and disable the ignition if the voltage is too low in cranking the car because the computer will shut it down and activate the anti theft.....check your battery posts are tight.

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