Monday, 13 April 2015

Jerking when you try to accelerate quickly

Jerking when you try to accelerate quickly

Does fine around town, on highways when you try to accelerate it jerks and hesitates. changed the spark plugs an was fine for a little while. now its doing it all over again.

1989 Ford Crown Victoria

When you accelerate, it open more throttle valve and at the same time more fuel is supposed to spray in to meet the demand, but it didn't that why the engine is hesitate. The problem is that you don't have a correct air: gas ratio of 14.6 :1 Need to check 1- Fuel pomp rate of delivery to determine pump is weak for a change. 2- Fuel accumulator ( regulator) if it still maintains correct pressure for Fuel distributor 3- After the#1 2nd #2 fixed and the problem is still existed, then your Fuel distributor need to be taken care of.

Sounds like you have a vacuum sensor problem with mixture of the gas and air intake. I would consult with your mechanic.

Possible might be a Dealer item. Usually with Crown victoria's they have a turbo charger installed and when you remove that, it starts having issues with the vacuum sensor

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