Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Fuel gauge and Oil pressure gauge peg and stick at the top.

Pontiac Firebird: Fuel gauge and oil pressure.

What would cause the fuel gauge and oil pressure gauge to peg and stick at the top.

Where is the oil pressure sending sensor located Pontiac Firebird?

The oil sending unit is located at the oil filter boss on the engine block. I will attach an image to make it easy to locate.

oil sending unit

When the oil and fuel gauge stopped working,did they both go out at the same time?

not at the same time. oil gauge went first and then there was quite a
period of time before the gas gauge did it.

The fuel gauge *may* have lost is ground or it is corroded. I can supply you with the ground location if you would like? the gauge works on resistance,at 0 ohms it reads empty at 90 ohms it would read full. with an open circuit or a bad ground it would of course peg it up above full. if you find that the ground is good most likely the fuel sending unit has failed.
On the oil gauge,it isn't uncommon when pulling the oil filter you can slip and damage the oil sender so that would bury the oil gauge because it works on the same resistance level as the fuel gauge.

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