Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Pontiac fuel pressure regulator Testing

How To Test fuel pressure regulator

I own a 2000 Pontiac Grand AM SE 4 cylinder two door. I have sparodic but continuing problems with my car not starting up after i have made mutliple stops shopping. When it does not turn over, I leave it for a half an hour and come back and it starts up. I have noticed that when I pop the hood and check the oil guage the engine is very hot. It seems when it cools down it starts. I have been told this problem is perhaps related to an oil sensor or perhaps oil pressure. The "Change Oil" indicator on the panel is always on, even after I have the oil changed.

You should check the fuel pressure regulator at the end of the fuel rail. There is a vacuum hose on it. Pull the vacuum hose off and check for raw fuel inside it. If there is raw fuel, replace the regulator. You might need to test this several times, or when the vehicle will not start. 

fuel pressure regulator testing

what can happen is the regulator will leak fuel into the cylinders flooding the engine and not allowing it to start until it dries. Check this first 

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