Sunday, 12 April 2015

2008 Dodge Avenger window problem?

I have a 2008 Dodge Avenger and the driver side window stopped working. I lowered it and when I attempted to close it it would not go up. I do notice that every time i depress the power button, it makes a clk. sound. All the other windows work fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The vehicle has 39,000 miles

Suggestions To Try:

Sounds like u have a bad window regulator which is a system of channels and guide wires that move the window up & down. since i do not know the whole situation I would make sure the window channels are lubricated with silicone spray to make sure the window is not being held up on anything.

Take off the 2 screws in the handle of the door panel (under the plastic cover clip in the bottom of the handle impression) and then pop up the whole plastic cover around the window switch assembly. Unclip the wire assemblies from the window switch assembly. Take the assembly apart, it is held together by small clips around the sides that you can pry up with a small flathead screwdriver. There will be first the black piece on the bottom and the a white plastic piece taken off the same way until you see the green electronic board. Pop off the window lever buttons. It will come apart all the way so that you now have the green electronic board in your hand. Now clean the metal contacts in the individual switches (if you move the switch up and down you will see the metal contacts pop up and down alternatively, these are the ones I am talking about) with electronics cleaner. Reassemble. You can check that it fixed the problem by connecting the wires back on the switch assembly before you put the door panel back together, but this fixed my problem.

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