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How To Repair Burned Fuse Connector

Burned Fuse Connector Repair

Car Fuse Connector Short Burned Out

Helpful Information
A car has many fuses, some protect a small system like a rear windshield wiper while others protect major system circuits, like the engine management system. The primary purpose of an electrical fuse is to help protect a circuit from damage in the event of a short. A fuse is designed to break stopping the voltage flow in the event of a power overload or short circuit. Each vehicle has several fuses that are necessary to safeguard electrical circuits. An electrical circuit will always fail at the point of highest resistance. Most of the time that point is the fuse holder. If an electrical circuit fails, an electric window system (for example) the first thing you should check is the fuse.
Best Practices
  • A burned fuse holder is not always easy to detect, in this case remove the fuse of the circuit in question and replace it with a new one. Next with the key in the "ON" position move the fuse in and out of the fuse holder and note the effected circuit such as electric windows. If the device starts working while moving the fuse in and out, the fuse holder is burning and a repair is needed.

Step by step repair guide on how to test and repair a burned fuse holder. This article pertains to all cars.
Difficulty Scale: 3 of 10
Tool and Supplies Needed
  • Wire
  • Wiring connectors
  • Test light
  • Flashlight
  • Protective eyewear and gloves
  • Replacement fuse
Begin with the car on level ground, in park with the emergency brake on.
Step 1 - Isolate the circuit in question, this can be done by identifying the fuse in the power distribution center (PDC) or utilizing a wiring schematic.
Step 2 - Using a flashlight inspect the fuse for signs of extreme heat, if heat is present the fuse holder in the panel has melted which causes a connection problem. This condition occurs because fuses are subject to vibration and moisture which causes high resistance which transfers into heat.

Step 3 - 
There are two options at this point, replacing the fuse panel, or locate the wires involved in the circuit by using a wiring schematic and bypassing the fuse panel altogether using an independent fuse holder.

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