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How To Replace CV Axle

CV Axle Replacement

Step by step instruction on how to replace a CV joint drive axle. This article pertains to most front wheel drive cars with strut suspension.
Difficulty Scale Rating: 5 of 10
Tools and Supplies Needed
  • Hydraulic jack
  • Jack stands
  • Socket set with extensions
  • Protective clothing and eyewear
  • Replacement axle
  • Hammer
  • Breaker bar
  • Large pry bar
  • Side cutters (dikes)
  • Cotter pin
Start with the car on level ground lifted safety into the air using jack stands to secure the vehicle.
Step 1 - Remove tire lug nuts to remove the wheel. If air tools are not not used break loose the lugs when the car is on the ground.

Loosening Lug Nuts
Step 2 - After the wheel lugs have been removed the tire is ready to be removed. 

Removing Tire
Step 3 - Once the tire has been removed, it will allow access to the main axle nut, remove the cotter pin and retainer clip.

Removing Cotter Pin
Step 4 - After the cotter pin has been removed, loosen and remove the main axle nut. (Note: If no air tools are used this can be done by using the brake.)

Removing the Main Axle Nut

Step 5 - Once the nut has been removed the axle will become free within the bearing hub.

Axle Nut Removed
Step 6 - Next, remove the cotter pin used in the lower ball joint.

Removing Ball Joint Cotter Pin
Step 7 - Once the cotter pin has been removed, use a wrench to loosen the lower ball joint nut.

Loosening Lower Ball Joint Nut

Step 8
 - Leave the lower ball joint nut loose to help protect the threads which is needed in the next step.

Lose Lower Ball Joint
Step 9 - Using a large pry bar apply pressure downward while shocking the bulkhead with a hammer.

Shocking Bulkhead Under Pressure With Hammer
Step 10 - When the ball joint taper joint releases there will be a noticeable gap between the ball joint dust boot and the spindle.

Ball Joint Taper Joint Released.

Step 11 - Once the ball joint taper fit has been released, finish removing the nut.

Removing Lower Ball Joint Nut
Step 12 - After the lower control arm nut has been removed, apply pressure downward to remove the lower control arm.

Removing Lower Control Arm
Step 13 - Next, remove the intermediate mounting bolts, some cars do not use this mount, in which case a large pry bar is used to pop the CV joint out from the transmission.

Removing Intermediate Mounting Bolts

Step 14
 - Then, while pulling outward on the brake rotor, tap the axle out of the bearing hub. (Note: Use caution as to not damage axle treads, the axle nut can be used to achieve this protection.)

Gently Tap Axle
Step 15 - After the axle is loose from the bearing hub, hold the brake assembly to remove the CV axle.

Holding Brake Assembly Outward
Step 16 - After the old axle has been removed, match the replacement axle to the old axle to ensure proper installation.

Matching Replacement Axle

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