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How A Turbo Charger Works

Turbo Charger

Working Of Turbo Charger In Car

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To help regulate the air intake pressure a device called a waste-gate is designed to release boost at a measured pressure point which limits the amount of boost the engine receives, if the engine receives too much boost it can cause internal engine failure.

Easy guide on how an automotive turbo charger works, this information pertains to all turbo charged engines.
A turbo charger utilizes the expanding gases due to heat and pressure from the exhaust system to spin an impeller at a high rate, in turn turning an intake impeller pressurizing the air intake system of the engine.

Turbo Charger Cutaway
The turbo intake system brings air in through the intercooler which is connected to the air cleaner, once the air charge is pressurized its moved into the intake system increasing the power of the engine.

Turbo Intake
The exhaust system produces pressure and heat which is pushed through the turbo exhaust impeller to spin the intake portion of the turbo.

Exhaust Into Turbo

The main shaft is used to connect the exhaust impeller to the intake impeller, this shaft is lubricated using engine oil while using seals to control oil leakage into the turbo exhaust or intake.

Turbo Main Shaft

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