Sunday, 12 April 2015

Saturn 2.2 L Idles rough

Saturn 2.2 L Idles rough acts like its going to die Ive changed the spark plugs, coils, checked fuel filter, change the idle air control valve. Any suggestions what it could be Im only getting random misfire code 0300..

Suggestions To Try:
I would be suspicious of the module as well. What you can do is pull that whole assemble. Have somebody crank the engine over while you check for spark at each post. If there is no spark out of two of the posts than the module is bad.

I had a like condition on my 2001 Saturn L200 2.2 (over 200,000 miles) I replaced the module that is located in the upper cover on the valve cover located on the driver side. Before replacing check the connection at the module and check the connections at the PCM. PCM located on the passenger side below the cover at the bottom of the windshield.

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