Thursday, 9 April 2015

How To Replace Main Crankshaft Seal

Crankshaft Seal Replacement - Front


Step 17 - Then assemble the dampener (balancer) installation tool using the proper thread insert. This will be used to install the dampener.

Vibration Dampener Installation Tool
Step 18 - After the tool is assembled, apply a small amount of grease to the sealing surface. This will help lube the seal during the break-in process.

Apply Grease To Sealing Surface
Step 19 - Now that the balancer is ready to install, align the woodruff key to the dampener key slot.

Aligning Woodruff Key

Step 20
 - Once the balancer has been aligned push the balancer into place, ready to fully install the balancer into the crankshaft (press fit.)
Balancer Set Into Place
Step 21 - Next, screw the balancer installation tool into the end of the crankshaft.

Balancer Installation Tool Installed

Step 22 - Once the installer is in place, using wrenches to wind the balancer completely onto the crankshaft. The outside wrench holds the balancer steady. When complete unscrew installation tool to remove.

Wrench Tightens Installation Tool
Step 24 - After the installation is complete, apply silicone sealer to the mounting bolt washer. Then wind the bolt into the end of the crankshaft.

Sealer Installed On Mounting Bolt
Step 25 - After the bolt has been installed, use an air impact or regular socket wrench to tighten. (Note: Bolt needs to be tight, check a repair manual for exact torque specification for a particular vehicle.)

Tighten Balancer Mounting Bolt

Once the balancer has been installed, reinstall serpentine belt and any plastic cover which were removed in the repair process.

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