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Rear Axle Seal Replacement (Part 2)

Vehicle Rear Axle Seal

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Step 27 - Next, push the seal into the differential housing, then use a flat bar and hammer to install the seal by tapping it into place. The seal is completely installed when its flush with the housing.

Installing New Axle Seal
Step 28 - After the seal has been installed, carefully install the axle without damaging the seal with the axle. (Note: Always lubricate seal before axle shaft installation.)

Installing Axle Shaft
Step 29 - Axle will slide into place while rotating slightly back and fourth.

Axle Installed

Step 30
 - Next, insert the C clip retainer, and move the axle outward to secure the clip.
Re-Installing C Clip
Step 31 - After the C clip installation insert the the pinion shaft. (Note: Orientate the shaft as to align bolt hole.)

Reinstalling Pinion Shaft
Step 32 - Example of bolt hole orientation.

Align Pinion Shaft Bolt Hole
Step 33 - After the shaft has been installed, insert the retainer bolt and tighten.

Installing Pinion Bolt
Step 34 - Once the bolt has been tightened remove old gasket and clean surface.

Removing Differential Gasket
Step 35 - Next, clean the metal debris from the differential cover magnet (Note: some magnets are located inside the differential housing.)

Clean Metal Debris

Step 36 - After the differential cover has been cleaned of debris and old gaskets, install a new gasket using gasket sealer. (Note: Use high grade silicon rubber, create bead inside of the bolt holes.)

Installing Gasket Sealer
Step 37 - Next install the differential cover being careful not to move the cover once contacted to the housing. (Excessive movement will cause the sealant to be less effective.)

Installing Differential Cover
Step 38 - Install cover bolts and tighten in a star pattern. Bolts don't need be super tight, just snug.

Tightening Differential Cover Bolts

Step 39
 - Once the cover bolts are tight, remove the differential fill plug to install gear oil.
Refilling Differential Gear Oil
Step 40 - The fluid level is full when gear oil is dripping from the fill port, to double check the level gentle dip a finger inside the port. (Note: Never turn drive shaft or axles when checking gear oil.)

Checking Differential Gear Oil
Step 41 - After the fluid has been refilled, reinstall the fill plug and tighten.

Reinstall Fill Plug
Once the job is complete check for leaks at the cover gasket or axle seal. Safety return the vehicle to ground level. Test drive the vehicle and listen for abnormal noises. also recheck the differential for fluid leakage.

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