Monday, 23 May 2016

2010 hyundai elantra brake lights Problem

2010 hyundai elantra Brake Light Switch Recall

2010 hyundai elantra  brake lights are on but when you press the brakes they dont light up like they should signalling  braking and i have replaced the brake light switch and put brand new bulbs in it.

I understand you put a brake light switch in. But there is a recall on the brake switch for your vehicle. Have you had that performed?

The recall installs an updated brake switch which I would recommend having done. Does the high mount brake light work at any time?If it Works then check fuse SNSR 2 (10amp) in the fuse box under the hood.If fuse is good then next step use a test light and access the rear taillamps, and check for power when the brakes, and tail lamps are on/off.

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