Monday, 23 May 2016

Jaguar S type Smell of something burning

Something burning when I'm speeding

2003 Jaguar S type R
Smell of something burning when I'm speeding or after hard acceleration. Smell comes from cabin ac vent I think. Smells a lot like rubber burning. I heard someone say that it could be the brake pad touching the rotor. Does anyone know whats going on?Smell is quite significant.

It would be worth checking for oil leaks, I had one where the rocker cover gaskets were leaking and allowing oil to drip down, under load the exhaust warms up and burns off the oil, the fumes make their way into the heating intake and you can smell it in the car.To check it isn't the brakes, after a drive, feel the temperature of each wheel in the centre of the bolts, if one is much hotter than the others it warrants checking.(please be careful as they may be very hot if there is a defect).

One more help tip:
Brakes usually smell slightly eggy, oil is usually a rubbery smell.

I would definitely have the oil checked, not just for the engines health but your own breathing in the fumes.If there is one wheel that is definitely hotter after a drive, I would have the brakes checked.If the wheel area is just hot, it could be heat from the surrounding components.I would let it cool and go for a drive to see how they heat up under use.If one heats up before hardly using the brakes then there is an issue. I would get a auto centre to do a free brake inspection then get your oil leak looked at. Hope this helps. 

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