Monday, 23 May 2016

Car Engine no start condition

1990 BGmazda 323. 1.6LX. No start. 

I have a 1990 BGmazda 323. 1.6LX. Wouldn't start. Replaced the coil. Then engine showed it would start then died again. The PTC unit in the box under the hood clicks when I turn on the key. Is this normal?

There are many things that can cause a no start condition. You may be missing spark due to a wiring or sensor issue or incorrect cam timing, you could be missing fuel pressure, or the engine controller may not be awake due to an internal failure or a loss of power or ground.Have you checked for spark?Does the fuel pump run when the key is turned on?

Is there power to the coil while cranking?The fuel pump is electric and in the tank if you have a 1990 323, it's a fuel injected vehicle with an electric pump. Can you see if you can hear the pump in the tank run when the key is turned on?

The car has a carburetor and distributor. The fuel pump is mechanical and pumps fuel when cranking.
There is power to the coil and out as well. The power to the coil remains stable when cranking so the problem is not the ignition switch.
I am not accustomed to hearing the clicking from the PTC unit in the fuse box under the hood and I am wondering if that maybe part of the problem.

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