Monday, 23 May 2016

Turn signal lights ON constantly

Turn Signal Light Will Not Turn OFF

It seems like the turn signal filament in my front day time running lights on my 99 Olds Intrigue are on constantly, shouldn't it be the smaller filament (marker) during the day and then the turn signal flashes using the heavier filament? I think that is why the sockets/bulbs melt on these type cars?

Is it possible that the bulb is in 180 degrees out?Sounds like a twin filament bulb, if these are in the wrong way the opposite pins will be connected.The next thing I would suggest in this case would to be to check the earth to the group, if it is poor than current can back feed through the other light.It would be fair enough for a test to find the earth wire and just run an extra one to it for testing.

the grounds have been cleaned with a dremel tool to scratch the paint off the radiator support per the GM service bulletin. I have noticed most 99 Oldsmobile Intrigues suffer this exact same problem its as tho the daytime running light is running the turn signal filament rather than the slightly dimmer running light filament... Which adds to the higher temp which melts the socket....I wonder if the GM wiring harness was possible is made incorrectly to light the incorrect filament from the factory..?

I thought this was a specific fault with your vehicle, as I am in the UK i'm not sure I've ever seen one!If you've done the ground, other than checking the battery to ground connections, if you say most are the same that you have seen then I would suspect you are correct!Could you change the two wires around on the back of the cluster to make it this way instead?

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