Saturday, 11 June 2016

BMW Dealer Parts Rip-Off

BMW X5 - Dealer Parts Rip-Off

Not every part of a BMW X5 is available from a non-dealer source and not every part that is available from a non-dealer source is as good as the dealer part, but there is no doubt that BMW dealers charge rip-off prices for readily available parts. If you can, buy a good quality part from a non-dealer source and either install do-it-yourself (DIY) or find someone who will install for you.

- BMW X5, 4.4l, model year 2000.
- Bought new.
- 129,700 miles
- Dealer maintained for 7+years until they overfilled oil and did not install new oil drain plug gasket!
Dealer rip-off:
Now in the back of my mind, I knew, I really did, but it was not until after I had an alternator failure and dealer charged me $1100 for a rebuilt Bosch and I found out that I could by the very same, the very same rebuilt from numerous Internet suppliers for $400 or less. $1100 from deal and $400 from every where else? And I am not talking $1100 for parts and labor, just the alternator!!!!
Now I understand profit and profit is fine but when it is the same, identical part and dealer cost is less than $400 and they charge $1100 that is a rip-off!
Do-it-yourself (DIY) or find a good mechanic:
After dealer service quality deteriorated to the point I could no longer trust them, I have been doing any sort of mechanical work I can (can not balance 19 inch wheels, etc.) and have saved a ton in parts cost alone. Most recently, catalytic converter went out on wife's Z3 and dealer wanted $2100 to install a new one. I bought a good replacement over the Internet and installed myself at a total cost of about $800.
I do know that not every one has the time, tools or skills to DIY but if you could find a decent mechanic that would install the parts you bought for the X5, you could save a ton of money over dealer parts and service.
Honestly, $1100 for the same identical part from multiple sources for $400?

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