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I have several dodges but the 1999 caravan and 2000 dakota are in the service ages, will most OBD2 work on both?

Dodge Dakota OBD Codes

2000 dakota will some times not up shift w/o load or will down shift w/o load on flat at cruise speed, speed control sensor, crank sensor? thanks.

Both, the 99 & 2000 are OBD2, so any OBD2 code reader will read the codes. How well they will do is a different story.

There are code readers and scanners.
If you plan on doing your own work, scanners are the best way to go.

But, understand that most OBD2 scanners will not scan ABS or airbags.
Some scanners and code readers will only do generic codes, which doesn't include a lot of transmission trouble codes.
So be sure what you are getting if you purchase one.

Ask questions of the manufacturers.
Does it do enhanced parameters?
What are those parameters?
Things like that.

Most quality scan tool manufacturers will list the parameters that their scanners will do.

As for the shift problem, was the transmission fluid recently changed on the vehicle? If so, was the filter replaced?

On the 99, chances are the plastic solenoids that control the shifting are on their last legs. Had the same problem with my 97. Accoring to the dealer in NJ I bought my parts from, it is the biggest problem they have with those transmissions. It is made worse by the tremendous amount of heat generated in the engine compartment, and you should put an auxiallary transmission cooler in the vehicle. They only came as standard equipment on the ones with a towing package. Also, and I know there is a lot of debate about this, but he said the only fluid that should ever be put in the chrysler trannys is the chrysler ATF+4. It is backwards comapatable with the older fluids and trannys. SUPPOSEDLY, it is formulated differently then all other brands and the oters cause deterioration in the tranny. Like I said, I know there is a lot of debate about that. Also, I replace my tranny with a factory rebuilt as opposed to a dealer rebuilt, because they do a complete rebuild as opposed to the dealer rebuilts that just replace the obviously deffective/worn/broken parts.
I put the factory rebuilt tranny, the additional fluid cooler in front of the radiator, and only use the Chrys atf+4 and have not had any of the reccuring problems that I keep reading about everywhere. Sorry I know nothing at all about the dakotas

OBD 2 is for any vehicle built from 96 to present. The begining of this was called IM-240 ,due to mostly emissions standards. There are still manufacturer spaciffic diagnostics as well

The dakota has a dedicated computer to operate the trans.Fault with this computer usualy is described in up shift and down shift concerns. Also remember simplest first,how does the fluid look --?---- full ? burnt?

To check trans shift points with a diagnostic scanner,will take a up to date unit with data recovery and real time readings.
Now From the List Below Choose the Section in which you notice car problem.


Brake System:

Car Noises:

Climate Control:


Cooling System



Engine Mechanical:

Engine Performance:

Fuel System:


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